Wedding Gown
Restore Her Gown to Perfection
Wilson stain removers will help you restore gowns to like-new condition. They remove tough stains safely and completely. Some of our most popular products for use on gowns are:

DroGo A & B
SoGo 1
Laundry TarGo

DroGo® "A" & "B"

DroGo "A" & "B" are used to restore like-new whiteness and brightness to gowns that have aged and are grayed or yellowed.


SpotsGo spray spotter works wonders on ground-in-soil on hems.

SoGo® "1"

SoGo "1" enzyme-activated digester easily removes food, beverage and grass stains.

Laundry TarGo®

Laundry TarGo gently removes oils and greases from gowns.

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