SoGo® Medicinal Stain Removal System

The SoGo Medicinal Stain Removal System is a linen rewash system designed to return linens stained with Betadyne or iodine to working inventory without damaging the linen tensile strength or color.  The SoGo Medicinal Stain Removal System contains SoGo “Oil Break” and SoGo “S.M.R.”

SoGo "Oil Break" is a liquid laundry detergent / stain removal agent, specially designed to be used in a laundry cycle with SoGo "S.M.R".  SoGo "Oil Break" works synergistically with SoGo "S.M.R." to attack medicinal stains.

SoGo "S.M.R." is a powdered laundry stain remover whose unique, controlled bleaching action safely removes residual medicinal stains as well as mildew.