Not a Professional?

Our products are only available for use by industrial or commercial end users who maintain textiles professionally, such as drycleaners and launderers.   

If you're a consumer looking for stain removal tips, our advice is that you find a professional drycleaner / launderer whose quality you trust, then you let him do his job.  After all, you own your garments and linens, and you want them restored to like-new condition. 

To find a good drycleaner or launderer, first and foremost, look at his work!  You want your clothes and linens clean and fresh, well pressed, stain free. 

Other factors like convenience and courteous customer service are important too, but when you find a drycleaner / launderer who delivers outstanding quality, you will have found the one who deserves your business.  

And chances are good that he’ll be using Wilson stain removers!

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